What started as a proof of concept at a Hack Weekend soon grew into a standalone platform that attracted a passionate worldwide userbase of gig-goers that generate amazing engagement statistics and data insights around the live music experience.

Brand Overview / Insight

When Spotify invited us to WOW Festival in Gothenburg to spend 24 hours creating an app based on the festival experience we drew on the many festival and gig experiences we've had over the years.

Live music provides a personal and emotional connection between the artist and crowd and every music fan has their own special memories associated with it. Being avid concert goers has changed our lives - we’ve met girls we went on to marry, and made friendships out of which RetroFuzz has grown.

We each have physical objects that we save from these moments - ticket stubs, AAA passes or photographs - analogue artefacts in a digital world – put in a box and left at home for nobody else to see. Reviewing these items brings back a flood of memories - where we were, who we were with, and what we heard.

This led us to create Lanyard - a platform that creates a stunning online journal of live music memories.

Our Approach

Using the format where we were, who we were with, and what we heard we built a feature set around checking into gigs, uploading content, and generating setlists.

Check-in to gigs had to be fast. Search lookups, and geo-sorted results makes searching and adding gigs to profiles easy, and we've seen users add 100 gigs in one session as proof that this works.

Uploading images, comments, or ratings needed to be optional, but still leave the user with a visually led experience. We achieved this by using artist images where we could, and generating a large body of custom stock photography to fill the gaps.

Generating setlists had to work without input from the user. We achieved this by grabbing data from and creating automatically creating Spotify playlists to listen back to the songs played.

How we did it

Creating a working prototype at the first hack day allowed us to gather feedback from a panel of music industry experts, which validated our initial ideas. In order to then gather as much fan feedback as possible, we launched our MVP at the Vans Warped Tour at Alexandra Palace in front of 10,000 fans. In one day we gained 500 members, 7,000 pieces of content, and countless hours of discussion about future features.

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Since the initial launch, Lanyard continues to organically grow a userbase of fans uploading their memories from gigs around the world. This has given us new and unique insights into how people experience gigs and the types of music they enjoy.

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Majority of content added at traditional gig going times

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Press Coverage

"I still wish I could keep a record of every concert I've attended. Lanyard is a new service that sets out to fill that need. It's a beautiful way to keep and share memories of the gigs you've been to..."

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"Your concert-going history tells an interesting story. But before you start digging up ticket stubs, take a look at Lanyard, a beautifully designed concery diary site for anybody who takes more than a little pride in their live show resume."

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"Lanyard has a beautiful interface and plenty to offer. It far surpasses what I would've been able to do with a Moleskine notebook, a Tumblr account, and my fading memories."

Thoughts from our users

Absolutely adore the concept around @lanyardfm - store memories from gigs/find setlist etc online


@lanyardfm this is mega! good work people, I'm now going to strain my memory for all the gigs I've attended :)


Wow this music startup @lanyardfm is absolutely beautiful


Like gigs? create your own gig journal with @lanyardfm - it looks stunning and is such a great idea


Have you checked out @lanyardfm? It's a great way of logging all these gigs you get to


If you could remember the 60s you weren't really there. now you don't need to remember, just use @lanyardfm



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