As part of our ongoing relationship with iconic denim brand Wrangler we introduced ‘Born Ready’, a new pan-European digital platform and brand product offering, through responsive eCommerce and contextual omnichannel messaging.

Born Ready

The Born Ready platform brings to life Wrangler’s personality and philosophy – a commitment to creating innovative denim products that prepare you for adventure.

The new ‘Ready Range’ launches product innovations such as Rain Ready and Cold Ready jeans to give everyday adventurers the freedom to transition seamlessly from work and city life to the great outdoors in style.

With the brand aiming to be category leaders in performance denim our goal was to clearly present their commitment to denim innovation and display new product offerings through a best-in-class digital experience.

Given that this is the first brand campaign in several years, we realised digital gave us the chance to speak on a local level to consumers that hadn’t been spoken to for some time.

Our Approach

We’ve worked as a trusted partner of Wrangler since 2012 and were included in the wider brand group from the start, collaborating with brand agency WeArePi, social PR agency Inkling, and eCommerce providers HermesNextec at workshops in Amsterdam, Munich, London and Manchester to share ideas at the earliest stages.

Weather Reactive Digital

By combining user location and weather data we aimed to directly connect the user’s day with a new product innovation offered by the brand through a contextualised digital experience in real time.

Once we’d discovered the forecast.io weather API and Maxmind location database, we were able to produce quick prototypes to verify our concept, and expand upon it with weather animations created in After Effects.

User Journey and eCom

Since launching Wrangler’s first eCommerce site in 2014 we have become finely tuned to the value of site conversion rates and analytics. It was vital that any creative execution online enhanced a user’s shopping experience.

Careful consideration was given to the complete user journeys, driving customers directly to product category pages, reinforcing product offering and innovative features with dynamic content through the purchasing funnel.

Born Ready Adventures

Wrangler partnered with Alastair Humphreys, explorer and pioneer of the “microadventure”, to bring the campaign to life through a series of Born Ready Adventures.

Continuing our localised approach we created a new content hub within the website, guiding users to adventures close to key European cities whilst providing the opportunity for them to influence others by submitting social content of their own everyday adventures.

Digital In-store

As omnichannel approaches continue to gain pace within the retail sector, our work has escaped out of the online world and onto the shop floor.

Our interactive fit guide tackles one of the greatest challenges faced by denim brands – educating users about the finer points of a wide array of fits – through touchscreen devices placed alongside the physical products in both the Berlin flagship store and in Debenhams Oxford Street, whilst digital screens capture attention with dynamic, localised content.

As this season launches, our attention immediately turns to 2016 and the next roll out of digital innovation.

Born Ready is the role of Wrangler in today’s world. Being ready in today’s fast paced society is key for our consumers, who want to be ready for anything life throws at them. It was therefore natural for Born Ready to be a digital first platform, with the imperative of building its strongest embodiment on our home online. We achieved just that, thanks to the restless support from our partner, RetroFuzz; As with the last 3 years, they brought to this journey brand knowledge, creativity and expert responses to our needs, delivering a website we are truly proud of today and that feels true to us, and will allow us to keep on growing towards our goals, looking at other territories beyond e-com… To be continued!

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